About Zero to One

Zero to One is an independent publication launched in May 2023 by Mark Neale, the CMO of Chargehive.com.

As I write this, the people sitting around me have either directly built or significantly contributed to designing, building, marketing or selling many SaaS companies that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

We've been through slow growth, explosive growth, mergers, exits, huge triumphs and, most importantly, failures.

Now we're at it again, but this time, we're putting it all on the table, warts-and-all, so you can follow along as we develop an idea for a SaaS company and take it from $0 to $1M and hopefully beyond.

We know what works. We see a lot of mistakes because we've made them before, and we know where to take risks and where to play it safe.

And we will keep publishing everything about this journey, in detail, until we hit our $1M goal.

Or... it all goes up in flames!

After all, nothing is certain, and knowing when to quit is essential, so at the very least, we can show you when to charge, when to pivot and how to recognise when it's time to stop, take a breath, and start again.

Where we have 'secret-sauce' frameworks, procedures, strategies and tactics, we'll share them, too, for you to swipe and use.

We'd love it if you would come on this journey with us.

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