Mark Neale

Mark Neale

United Kingdom
Episode 4 — Calculating Market Size with TAM and SAM

Episode 4 — How to determine if we can actually make money

How I use TAM and SAM to get a ballpark on market size before we even start thinking about making anything.
10 min read
Episode 03 — How to Save Your SaaS Product... by Killing It

Episode 3 — How to use your target audience to validate your SaaS product idea

Starting with all the ways in which we can fail, so we can do our best to avoid at least the traps we can forsee.
5 min read
Episode 02 — How to Find a Problem Worth Solving

Episode 2 — How to pick a SaaS product that has the highest chance of success

I like lemons, a lot, but we don't want to build one. This is how we'll (hopefully) avoid that bitter disappointment.
8 min read
Episode 01 — How to Start

Episode 1 — How to make a million dollar SaaS company

Hello there, and welcome to Zero to One! we're putting it all on the table, warts-and-all, so you can follow along.
5 min read